Reference Works on Shahin Parhami

by Anurima Banerji Volume 25, Issue 11-12 / November 2021 2 minutes (270 words)

Shahin Parhami’s Official Website

Globe and Mail Obituary
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CTV News, “Friendship between Holocaust survivor, Iranian filmmaker revealed in documentary,” September 17, 2017.

Festival Accès Asie. “Entrevue avec Shahin Parhami”

Interview on Kult Kino”: (Russian TV)

Interview in Persian on the TV show Aseman-e-honar

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Critical Writing on Shahin Parhami

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Critical Work by Shahin Parhami

Shahin Parhami, “Iranian Cinema: Before the Revolution,” Offscreen vol. 3, issue 6, November 1999.

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