• Soukayna


    Soukayna is a writer, multidisciplinary-artist, historian, and curator whose work focuses on darkness and light, and their continuous dichotomy. She has self-published a poetry book titled WORDS in April 2018, animated multiple panels and lectures from 2016 to this day, and worked closely with art festivals such as Art Matters and SOIR. She is currently studying at Concordia University in the joint major of Art History and Film Studies, with a minor in French Literature.

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  • Stacey Abbott

    Stacey Abbott

    Stacey Abbott is a Reader in Film and Television at the University of Roehampton. She is the author of Celluloid Vampires (University of Texas Press 2007) and Angel: TV Milestone (Wayne State University Press 2008-9), and co-author, with Lorna Jowett, of TV Horror: Investigating the Dark Side of the Small Screen (I. B. Tauris 2012). She is currently writing a book on the 21st century vampire and zombie in film and television

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  • David Addelman

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  • R.P. Aditya

    R.P. Aditya

    Aditya R. P is a Post-graduate Scholar at Christ University, Bangalore, India. He completed his Master’s in English with Communication Studies from Christ University (Bangalore), India in May 2021. Areas of interest include mythology, pop culture, theatre and film studies. He is currently employed as an Instructional Designer with Accenture, and is an aspiring author currently working on a first novel, which falls in the genre of mythological-fantasy and is the first of a planned series.

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  • Jordan Adler

    Jordan Adler

    Jordan Adler is a Toronto-based writer, journalist, and cultural critic. His writing has appeared in Screen International, Toronto Film Scene, Arts & Opinion, The Review, We Got This Covered, and the Canadian Jewish News. He received an MA from Concordia University’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, where his thesis focused on documentaries that explored nonviolent activism and peace-building movements in Israel-Palestine. His research interests include Israeli and Palestinian cinemas, representations of the Holocaust in film and television, small-screen auteurs, film festivals, and film criticism.

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  • Vito Adriaensens

    Vito Adriaensens is a PhD student and teaching assistant at the University of Antwerp and a researcher and lecturer at the School of Arts (KASK) Ghent. He is working on a dissertation that investigates how 19th century theatrical and pictorial motifs shaped the visual rhetoric of the pan-European style of the 1910s. At the School of Arts he is attached to a project on the cinematic representation of art and artists. His research focuses on the interaction between visual arts, theatre and film, with an emphasis on silent cinema. He is a staunch fan of three men named Moe, Larry and Curly, but is currently seeking treatment for his obsession.

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  • Aalya Ahmad

    Aalya Ahmad

    Aalya Ahmad is an Adjunct Professor in the Pauline Jewett Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa. She has taught and published research on horror fiction and film, zombies, popular culture, diaspora, introductory women’s and gender studies, and feminist activism. She co-edits the short fiction anthology Postscripts to Darkness and still can’t quite bring herself to screen The Exorcist for her gender and film classes, even though she does a mean Regan impression.

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  • Roberto Aita

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  • Mitchell Akiyama

    Mitchell Akiyama is a Toronto-based scholar, composer, and artist. His eclectic body of work includes writings about plants, animals, cities, and sound art; scores for film and dance; and objects and installations that trouble received ideas about history, perception, and sensory experience. Akiyama’s output has appeared in commensurately miscellaneous sources such as Leonardo Music Journal, ISEA, Sonar Music Festival (Barcelona), Raster-Noton Records (Berlin), Gendai Gallery (Toronto), and in many other exhibitions, publications, and festivals. He holds a PhD in communications from McGill University and an MFA from Concordia University and is Assistant Professor of Visual Studies at the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto.

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  • Harut Akopyan

    Harut Akopyan was born in Soviet Armenia, and immigrated with his family to the United States in 1988. In California State University, Northridge, he majored in film production as an undergraduate and worked in every aspect of filmmaking. Harut is also an accomplished chess player, winning a record 13 National Chess titles, before deciding to continue with Grad school at CSUN (Screenwriting major) where he made it a duty to watch as many films as possible. He is currently writing and shooting films.

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  • Abel  Alegria

    Abel Alegria

    Abel Alegria holds a Masters in Film Studies, Graduate of Concordia University. Former representative of CSBC (Concordia Broadcasting), administrator and coordinator at CUTV (Concordia University Television) and director for “Fade to Black” Student Film Review. As of 2017 he is a Project Manager and Online Content Editor for IIHL-IILH and currently a guest contributor and media editor for online monthly film journal, Offscreen.

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  • Fuad Alnirabie

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  • Leah Anderst

    Leah Anderst

    Leah Anderst is Assistant Professor of English at Queensborough Community College, CUNY, where she teaches courses in writing, literature, and film studies. Her writing has appeared in Narrative, a/b: AutoBiography Studies, Orbis Litterarum, Senses of Cinema, and Quarterly Review of Film and Video. A collection of essays she edited, The Films of Eric Rohmer: French New Wave to Old Master, was published in March, 2014 (Palgrave).

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  • Colin Arason

    Colin Arason

    Colin Arason has completed his M.A. program at Concordia University’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema. His thesis is entitled The World is Full of Noise: Music Supervision and the Construction of Meaning (2016). He is one of Canada’s most notorious underground DJs.

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  • Mike Archibald

    Mike Archibald

    Mike Archibald is a graduate of Concordia’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema. He is based in Vancouver and works as a freelance writer.

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  • Leila Ataie

    Leila Ataie

    Leila Attain is a commercial manager and business woman, but in search of more rewarding and intellectual contact is fascinated by exploring new cultures & sharing it with other people. I work part-time as a freelance translator from English to Farsi and vice versa. I am also an active member of TED translating group. The texts I mainly render are about cinema, neuroscience, linguistics, psychology and horticulture. I have also helped with the translation of some BBC documentary subtitles. And was involved in the project “Directory of Iranian cinema” where I had the task of translating several following film reviews under the supervision of Dr. Paris Jaded. For the past two years, I have helped on the team of Cinema-chasm, a Persian edition film journal.

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  • Farah Atoui

    Farah Atoui

    Farah has completed an M.A. in Media Studies at Concordia University and is currently pursuing a PhD. in Communication Studies at McGill University. Prior to that she held senior positions at the Sharjah Art Foundation and Art Dubai, two leading cultural institutions based in the United Arab Emirates. Her proposed research will examine the recent UAE’s state-sponsored museum boom — which includes the upcoming Louvre Abu Dhabi, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, and the Zayed National Museum — as a point of entry for critically investigating the cultural politics of the UAE as a young modernizing Arab nation and emerging economy, and studying how the increasingly globalized and transnational institution of the museum mediates complex questions of nationhood and identity.

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  • Shmavon Azatyan

    Shmavon Azatyan is a PhD in Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Creative Arts and English at La Trobe University. He writes screenplays, prose fiction, and essays on film. His research interests include film narrative, narrativization of space, realism as a writing convention, and representation of sex in film.

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  • Adam Bagatavicius

    Adam Bagatavicius has a BFA in Film Studies from Concordia University, and will be pursuing an MA in Film Studies at UBC beginning Fall 2012. His overarching interests lie in the horror genre, sound design, cinematic excess, and non-narrative/non-verbal filmmaking.

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  • Michael Brendan Baker

    Michael Brendan Baker

    Michael Brendan Baker is Professor of Film Studies in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences at Sheridan College. He holds a PhD in Communication Studies from McGill University. He is author of numerous book chapters and journal articles on a range of subjects including documentary, popular music and film, and new media. Baker is co-editor, with Tom Waugh and Ezra Winton, of Challenge for Change: Activist Documentary at the National Film Board of Canada (McGill-Queen’s, 2010) and sits on the editorial board of the Canadian Journal of Film Studies. He is presently completing a book manuscript, Rockumentary: An Incomplete History of the Popular Music Documentary.

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