• Anurima Banerji

    Anurima Banerji is a writer originally from Canada, based in Los Angeles. She is the author of the poetry book Night Artillery and the monograph Dancing Odissi: Paratopic Performances of Gender and State, among other writings. An associate professor in the UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance, she teaches dance and performance theory.

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  • Randall Barnes

    Randall Barnes was born in Los Angeles, California, but spent many years studying and working in Europe. After achieving an MA in Applied Linguistics at the University of York (UK) in 1997, Barnes completed a PhD in Film Sound at Bournemouth University (UK) in 2006. His doctoral thesis argued in favour of a mode of production that could lead to a greater integration of sound and image. Barnes has also written a paper on the Coen brothers’ second film, Raising Arizona, which is pending publication in the e-journal The Soundtrack. In addition to this, he has worked on a small number of no-budget films as a sound designer and sound consultant.

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  • Ryan Barnett

    Ryan Barnett

    Ryan Barnett is a Montreal-based creative producer and writer. Over the past 10 years, he has created thousands of minutes of bilingual video and podcast programming for the cultural sector. His work has been installed in museums, featured on CTV, CBC television and radio, in The Globe & Mail, National Post, Canada’s History, Canadian Geographic and dozens of other publications. His writing has been published by Firefly Books in North America and Éditions Glénat in Europe. Ryan is currently writing a graphic novel biography on the life and career of Buster Keaton.”

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  • Kyle Barrowman

    Kyle Barrowman is a media and cinema studies lecturer in Chicago. He received his PhD from Cardiff University. He has published widely in and between film studies and philosophy, on subjects ranging from authorship, genre theory, and camera movement to skepticism, perfectionism, and ordinary language philosophy. His work is available at the website linked below.

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  • Jim Batcho

    Jim Batcho is a San Francisco-based writer, sound editor, and musician. He has also taught courses in audio-for-video and aesthetics at San Francisco State University, and is currently Visiting Professor of Sound Studies in the Digital Contents Dept. at KyungSung University in Busan, Korea.

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  • Matthias Becker

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  • Mansoor Behnam

    Mansoor Behnam

    Mansoor Behnam is a media artist, writer/poet, and researcher in the fields of comparative literature, film and cultural studies. He is currently finishing his PhD studies, working on an art/research project in the Cultural Studies program at Queen’s University. As the creative component of his project, Behnam has used tenets of Persian medieval mysticism (Sufism) to conceptualize a practice-based theory of “Mystical Experimental Cinema.” His research is also informed by his experience of immigration to Canada. Behnam’s work has been screened and discussed in film festivals, artist-run centers, and universities. His collection of poetry titled Opposite Dreams (2014) is currently in the works.

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  • Olivier Bélanger

    Olivier Bélanger is a film critic and M.A. student at Université de Montréal. His main interests are the cinema of Straub/Huillet and history and philosophy in films.

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  • Carolina Benalcázar

    Carolina Benalcázar

    Carolina Benalcázar is currently pursuing an MA in Film Studies at Concordia University. She is from Quito, Ecuador, where she has worked in film production, writing and programming. She is part of the editorial collective (, which also functions as a creative non-fiction digital magazine. She also writes about film for Mubi and Another Gaze.

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  • Samy Benammar

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  • Catherine Benoit

    Catherine Benoit is currently a Masters student in film studies at Concordia University (Montreal). She has been working at Phos, a ‘répertoire’ videoclub for several years, and recently at the CINEMANIA film festival. She continues to broaden her cinephilia while pursuing intensive research in the subject areas of crime films, film noir, criminology, sex and violence, and police films from all countries and eras.

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  • Victoria Berndt

    Victoria Berndt

    Victoria Berndt received her BA in English and Film Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University and is currently pursuing her MA in Film Studies at Concordia University, Montreal. She researches animation, fan culture, and industry with particular attention to anime overseas and its effects on domestic productions. Victoria has worked as a content creator and editor for various businesses over the years, and writes about her experiences watching and analyzing anime and its community whenever she can.

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  • Michael Betancourt

    Michael Betancourt is an avant-garde theorist and artist/historian. Recently, he edited a two-volume anthology on visual music technologies called Visual Music Instrument Patents, a collection of Thomas Wilfred’s writings on Lumia, and produced the iotaCenter’s DVD Visual Music from Iota. He also makes abstract movies.

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  • Alice Black

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  • Michael Bloom

    Michael Bloom received his BFA in Film Studies at Concordia University, Montreal. Areas of study that currently interest him include formal aesthetic theory, alternative modes of film exhibition anddistribution, and popular Asian cinemas. Michael spends most of his free time digging through bins of bootlegged movies in Chinatown, consistently distrusting the vendor’s recommendations at his own expense.

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  • Joel Bocko

    Joel Bocko is a writer and filmmaker whose popular video analysis series Journey Through Twin Peaks headlines a sprawling body of Twin Peaks analysis in a variety of forms. This work, along with thousands of other pieces exploring film history and other subjects (reviews, podcast appearances, visual tributes, video essays, and original short films), can be found on his site Lost in the Movies, which was founded in 2008.

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  • Gilda Boffa

    Gilda Boffa

    Gilda Boffa completed a bachelors in Communication Studies and a masters in Film Studies at Concordia University in Montreal. She wrote her thesis about Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf and won a scholarship to travel to Iran in 2008. She published several articles and a book chapter about Iranian cinema. She also completed a certificate in Arabic language and cultures at UQAM and a certificate in translation at Université de Montréal. She directed Belly Dance with a Twist, a short documentary about Syrian Canadian male belly dancer Pierre Khoury. She has been studying, performing and teaching belly dance and other Middle Eastern dances for several years.

    Photo credit: Emily Hull

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  • Jenna Bond

    Jenna Bond is in her first year of Art History and Film Studies at Concordia University in Montreal. Prior to this she studied art history, film, philosophy and Spanish at St. Michael’s College in Winooski, Vermont. She has spent considerable time abroad, including the Fall 2006 semester in Sevilla, Spain, where she studied at the Universidad Pablo Olavide. A cinephile and arts enthusiast with an interest in gender studies she plans to study in France in the coming year.

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  • Troy Bordun

    Troy Bordun

    Troy Michael Bordun is a part-time contract instructor at Concordia University and the University of Northern British Columbia. Bordun’s work on contemporary cinema includes the monograph Genre Trouble and Extreme Cinema (Palgrave, 2017), and articles and chapters in Cinephile, Mise-en-scène, Studies in European Cinema, and Screening Scarlett Johansson (Palgrave, 2020), among others. He is presently working on a book about philosophy and superhero comics and continues to research contemporary genre films.

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  • Vincent Bouchard

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