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The Digital Long Take, Political Views on Cinema, Film Festivals, and more

Volume 26, Issue 9-10-11 / September–November 2022

A multi-themed triple issue, on the fascinating aesthetics of the long take, festival reports from around the globe and politically informed cinemas.

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Offscreen Notes

  • Agustí Villaronga (1953-January 22, 2023)

    January 22nd

    Spanish director dies at age 69. Villaronga broke onto the International scene with his soul-shattering debut feature In a Glass Cage, a twisted tale about the seductive power of evil. An ex-Nazi doctor named Klaus with a history of violent… Read more →

  • Some Who Left Us in 2022

    January 20th

    Postscript: Sometimes, sadly, death notices are the first things to alert us to the existence and accomplishments of some people; and here, below, are a list of some of the distinguished people lost in the last year or so —their… Read more →

  • Is film culture part of our intellectual lives?

    January 20th

    Who cannot imagine seeing a movie as part of a fun night with friends? Or seeing a film before or after dinner as part of a romantic date? When does entertainment become art? Are there sources of knowledge in cinema?… Read more →

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