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  • New Blu Ray of Three Films by Experimental filmmaker Richard Kerr

    October 27th

    Stephen Broomer through his series Art & Trash, and blu ray label Black Zero has been one of Canada’s most vocal and articulate supporters of experimental cinema. His latest Blu Ray release is a package of three films by Canadian… Read more →

  • Daruish Mehrjui (1939-2023)

    October 19th

    I can not believe or understand this latest tragedy, and I am frankly shocked. The great Iranian filmmaker Daruish Mehrjui and his wife Vahideh brutally stabbed to death in their apartment on October 14. Mehrjui was a favorite at Offscreen… Read more →

  • Terence Davies: 1945-October 7, 2023

    October 9th

    One of England’s most respected directors, Terence Davies, died on October 7, 2023 at age 77. Davies ‘only’ made about 15 feature films but managed to instill a quiet visual intensity and narrative complexity (often concerned with issues of temporality,… Read more →

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