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About War

Volume 25, Issue 1 / January 2021

First issue of 2021 takes on a theme of the ugly truth and realities of wars.

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Offscreen Notes

  • Kim Ki-Duk Dies of COVID-19 complication at age 59

    December 13th

    COVID-19 claims another high profile victim with the death at age 59 of South Korea’s enfant terrible, Kim Ki-Duk. Another reminder that this virus is not only a danger for the old and sick. Kim Ki-Duk was still in the… Read more →

  • Daria Nicolodi: 1950-2020

    November 27th

    Hard to believe. Women usually don’t die that young, 70. When I look at Daria as an older lady, and hear her speak in her gruff voice, it reminds me a some of my Italian aunts. Full of life, wisdom,… Read more →

  • Electing Democrats or Demagogues

    November 9th

    “Mankind have in all ages attached themselves to a few persons who either by the quality of that idea they embodied or by the largeness of their reception were entitled to the position of leaders and law-givers.” —Ralph Waldo… Read more →

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