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Mario Bava’s 40th Anniversary

Volume 24, Issue 11-12 / November–December 2020

We celebrate the 40th anniversary of the death of Italy’s genre/filone maestro, Mario Bava. Fans of Mario Bava will be fascinated by Curti’s wide-ranging overview of the literary references, citations and influences in the films of Mario Bava. Influences that range from more refined literature (Nikolai Gogol, Aleksei Tolstoy, Guy de Maupassant, Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Pierre Klossowski, Mérimée) to more populist fiction (Agathe Christie, Rod Serling, Hillary Waugh).

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Offscreen Notes

  • Kim Ki-Duk Dies of COVID-19 complication at age 59

    December 13th

    COVID-19 claims another high profile victim with the death at age 59 of South Korea’s enfant terrible, Kim Ki-Duk. Another reminder that this virus is not only a danger for the old and sick. Kim Ki-Duk was still in the… Read more →

  • Daria Nicolodi: 1950-2020

    November 27th

    Hard to believe. Women usually don’t die that young, 70. When I look at Daria as an older lady, and hear her speak in her gruff voice, it reminds me a some of my Italian aunts. Full of life, wisdom,… Read more →

  • Electing Democrats or Demagogues

    November 9th

    “Mankind have in all ages attached themselves to a few persons who either by the quality of that idea they embodied or by the largeness of their reception were entitled to the position of leaders and law-givers.” —Ralph Waldo… Read more →

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