Volume 4, Issue 3 / July 2000

Fantasia 1999, 2000

In this issue

1) Interview with Hideo Nakata
Donato Totaro, – 07-21-00
An in-depth interview with the director of the smash horror hit series Ring.

2) Hong Kong Meets Hollywood
Donato Totaro, 07-21-00
What happens when Hollywood begins to copy Hong Kong, and Hong Kong begins to copy Hollywood?

3) Fantasia Special: 1999 & 2000
Donato Totaro, -07-21-00
A look back to Fantasia 1999 and a look forward to Fantasia 2000.

4) The 24th International Hong Kong Film Festival
Peter Rist, – 07-21-00
The 24th International Hong Kong Film Festival.

5) The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On: Excavating the Past
Donato Totaro, -08-14-00
The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On is an impassioned cinema verite-styled account of the one-man wrecking crew/dissident Okuzaki Kenzo, an ex-Private of the 36th Engineering Corps who fought in the West Pacific during World War 2. Read review of recent book on the film.

6) FCMM: Into the 21st Century
Donato Totaro, -11-28-00
Asian films rule again at the 2000 FCMM.

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