Volume 4, Issue 2 / March 2000

In this issue

1) American Psycho
Donato Totaro, – 04-07-00
American Psycho is funny, irreverent, ‘Hitchcockian’, and much more.

2) Donigan Cumming: Continuity and Rupture
Donigan Cumming (compiled by Nicolas Renaud), – 04-30-00

Text of the lecture given by Donigan Cumming as part of a series of video screenings in France, October 25th to November 2nd 1999.

3) Buster Keaton Rides Again
Donato Totaro, – 07-12-00
Will Buster Keaton ever date? Unlikely, as this recent retrospective demonstrates.

4) Subterranean Passage: The Power Of Childhood Imagination
Donato Totaro, – 07-12-00
The Award winning Canadian experimental narrative film Subterranean Passage is a meticulously layered visual puzzle that slowly unravels through a series of echoing motifs on the wonder and resiliency of childhood imagination.

5) Interview with Natali Broods
Donato Totaro, – 07-21-00
Belgium actress Natali Broods sizzles in S..

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