Volume 4, Issue 1 / January 2000

In this issue

1) To Scare or Not to Scare
Donato Totaro, – 01-13-00
Historically, Halloween has its origins with the ancient Druids, who believed that on the eve of “All Saints’ Day,” the lord of the dead, Saman, would summon a host of evil spirits. In modern days the only evil spirits called on during Halloween (excluding all those little tyrants running around in costumes!) are those emanating from movie screens.

2) Ghengis Blues
Donato Totaro, – 01-28-00
Genghis Blues touches the very core of the human soul – as great music does – and demonstrates with poetic simplicity how music can be the great cultural leveler. How else can you explain the immediate, symbiotic link that is established between a burly, blind, near-forgotten San Franciscan bluesman and the people of a remote Central Asian nation, Tuva?

3) Egoyan’s Journey: An Interview with Atom Egoyan
Donato Totaro, Simon Galiero – 02-08-00
Canadian director Atom Egoyan discusses his existential serial killer film Felicia’s Journey

Issue photo from Anchor Bay DVD

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