Volume 3, Issue 4 / April 1999

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1) Alberto Lattuada:
Donato Totaro , – 04-26-99
As part of their April-May program la Cinémathèque québécoise featured a mini-retrospective of one of Italy’s oldest living directors, Alberto Lattuada (born, 1914). The nine films selected span a good portion of Lattuada’s long career, the earlie

2) One to be Missed
Cynthia Wu, – 04-28-99

Getting an interviewing with Zhang Yimou is difficult. Even in my hometown Beijing, I felt he was harder to reach than he was in Montreal last winter.

3) Affliction
Donato Totaro , – 05-03-99
Affliction is a powerful account of domestic male violence and a man trapped within its vicious circle. Nick Nolte is the trapped man Wade Whitehouse, the town’s part-time sheriff and all-around handyman, and son to Glen Whitehouse (sublimely played

4) Sopyanje
Donato Totaro , – 05-03-99
Sopyanje is a stirring Korean style road movie that weaves emotive Korean folk music (Pansori) and pastoral landscapes with a powerful plea for Korean identity.

5) Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Valery Stepanov, – 05-12-99
At the last year’s 33rd edition of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the main prize, the “Crystal Cube”, went to the Canadian filmmaker Charles Binamé for his film Streetheart .

6) Chinese Cinema: 1933-1949
Donato Totaro , – 05-12-99
From May 19th to May 30th Montreal will host an historically important cultural event when The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema and IITS at Concordia University in association with Ciné-Asia present the film series: “Chinese Cinema: 1933-1949”.

7) Three Films by Eisenstein
Christina Stojanova, – 05-12-99
Sergei Eisenstein has always been the pride of the Soviet cinema, but it was not until after perestroika, and especially after the collapse of Communism, that Russian theoreticians began to freely explore the national-psychological roots, cultural

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