Volume 6, Issue 7 / July 2002

In this issue

1) Comedia Film Festival: The Features / by Donato Totaro

Perhaps still an appendage to the mega-Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, the new programming crew are out to make a mark.

2) Comedia Film Festival: The Shorts / by Randolph Jordan

Jordan turns his pen to the documentaries and short films of the Comedia Film Festival.

3) Coronación: How to transform feelings into poetic images? / by Mélanie Morrissette

An interview with Chilean director Silvio Caiozzi.

4) Reflexivity in Spectatorship: The Didactic Nature of Early Silent Films / by Isabelle Morissette

It is usually thought that reflexivity in art comes with maturation and development. Hardly, as Morissette demonstrates with her in-depth analysis of reflexivity in early cinema.

5) Thinking About Cinema With Cinema / by Donato Totaro

Totaro explores how certain styles of filmmaking (montage vs. long take style) may be used to activate different cognitive states (‘intellect’ versus ‘emotion’).

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