Volume 8, Issue 10 / October 2004

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Offscreen returns this month with a mixed bag issue. Two Japanese directors at opposite ends of their careers are interviewed, 70 year old Higashi Yoichi (The Crying Wind, Village of Dreams, My Grandpa, and many others) and 26 year old Hiroki Yamaguchi (Bottled Fool), both in Montreal for major film festivals. Yamaguchi is joined by two of his actors. A third Film Festival is represented with Sándor Lau’s festival diary of the 2004 New Zealand International Film Festival. Lau instills a dose of humor as he also reports on a New Zealand workshop for short film entitled Masterclass!, in which he manages to impart not one but two handy “top ten” lists for fledgling filmmakers. In “A Bleak Heroism of Images” Daniel Garrett finds common ground in two recent films (Woman, Thou Art Loosed and Moolaade) in which black women from differing social and political structures (US and Burkino Faso) confront and become empowered by their respective suffering and pain (sexual abuse in the former and female genital circumcision in the latter).

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