Volume 5, Issue 4 / September 2001

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1) Planet of the Apes, or, “Damn” those Screenwriters
Donato Totaro, – 08-09-01
Offscreen rarely reviews big budget Hollywood. But I am making an exception with the latest remake of Planet of the Apes, if only to reaffirm why it is that Offscreen treads cautiously when it comes to current Hollywood.

2) Your Mother Ate My Dog! Peter Jackson and Gore-Comedy
Donato Totaro, 09-01-01

Offscreen presents for the first time in its orginal English language, this revised version of an essay that appeared in a French translation in Séquence magazine in 1995. Read on to see how Peter Jackson revolutionized horror (or comedy?) with his startling early feature films.

3) Brothers Quay: In Absentia
Roberto Aita, 09-30-01
Offscreen presents this probing interview with the Brothers Quay, conducted in Trieste, Italy.

4) Stan Brakhage in Montreal
Nicolas Renaud, 09-30-01
Early in 2001 Hors Champ presented a 4-day event featuring a selected program of vintage works by one of America’s leading visual artists, experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage. Nicolas Renaud recounts what was for many an extremely moving 4-day aesthetic experience.

5) Fantasia 2001 Report: Take 2
D. Totaro, 09-30-01
Fantasia, in its 6th year, continues to grow and mature as an important and eclectic film festival.

6) Fantasia 2001 Report: Post 9/11
R. Jordan, 09-30-01
Pt. 2 of report.

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