Volume 1, Issue 5 / August 1997

Fantasia Interviews

In this issue

In this issue Offscreen places a focus on the filmmakers who made the biggest splash at this year’s edition of Fantasia. Even director Todd Morris and actress/producer Deborah Twiss were overwhelmed by the audience response to their film A Gun for Jennifer and the post-screening buzz. In fact the late night screening of A Gun for Jennifer was the most vibrant showing of the festival. Two other guests who rose above the rest were Spanish director Nacho Cerda and South African born, British director Richard Stanley. Even the staunch Fantasia audiences were stunned into quite submission by Cerda’s numbing ‘mortuary’ short, Aftermath. The affable Stanley mesmerized audiences as much with his fascinating introductions and Q & A’s as with his films. All four guests are interviewed in this issue. Rounding out the issue is Totaro’s festival wrap-up.

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