The Tracey Fragments in Fragments

Post-It Reviews for a Modern World

by Bran Stakhage Volume 11, Issue 12 / December 2007 1 minute (203 words)

The internet has shaped how we access news, information, shop, communicate, acquire knowledge and trivia, fall in love, and probably a dozen other things. Unfortunately it has not really changed how film criticism is written. There is surely a lot more of it, by a broader spectrum of writers, and is easily accessible, but the internet has not –surprisingly– altered the actual form of the writing. This must have been in the back of the mind of a frequent Offscreen contributor when he (“Bran Stakhage”) proposed film reviews modelled on post-its. Yes those little bits of multi-colored, multi-sized sticky paper notes that you use to remind yourself of those forgettable quotidian duties. Tired of the lack of spontaneity and sense of adventure in conventional film criticism, Stakhage initiated what will hopefully evolve and become a running series of short film reviews that attempt to instill some fun and levity (back?) into film criticism. To quote Stakhage, a type of “critical haiku” that will “ignite some enthusiasm, as well as suffuse creativity with academic inquiry.” Who knows, maybe it will change the way film criticism is written on the internet. In the least, they will help cover those ugly white spots on your refrigerator.

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