Volume 8, Issue 6 / June 2004

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This month Offscreen returns with a potpourri issue with some common links to be found in the Roundtable discussion of Fahrenheit 9/11 and Daniel Garrett’s essay on Dogville. Both pieces have at their heart an analysis of the recent American social and political landscape, with the former an obvious account of it and the latter a far more nuanced and complex treatment of it (and social policy in general). Patrick Ellis returns with a review of a book that is a strange beast indeed, The Vampire Lectures , while Peter Rist reviews one of the most eagerly awaited (at least for Peter and I!) DVD releases, Jean Renoir’s Rules of the Game. With the wonderful FanTasia International Film Festival in full swing, it only seems fitting that this issue provide some ‘Asian’ content, so we are excited to be welcoming writer Charles Leary to Offscreen and his interview with FanTasia favorite Johnnie To. To be sure, Offscreen will feature some in-depth FanTasia festival reporting in the upcoming issue. (ed. Donato Totaro)

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