Volume 2, Issue 2 / March 1998

History & Theory

In this issue

1) History and Time as a Fork in the Square
Donato Totaro , – 14-03-98

Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Spider’s Stratagem is a wonderfully audacious treatment of the paradoxes of history, truth, and temporality. It is an art film that arrives at the same conclusion as John Ford’s reflexive western, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence.

2) A Bergsonian Personal Journey into History
Donato Totaro , – 14-03-98

The following essay will demonstrate how The Puppetmaster is one of the purest Bergsonian films ever made.

3) May 1968 and After: Cinema in France and Beyond
Donato Totaro , – 22-05-98

May 1998 marks the 30th anniversary of the student riots and subsequent strikes that took hold of France from mid-May to June 5, 1968. The disturbances and events that led to the uprising are well chronicled.

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