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Ulli Lommel (1944-Dec. 2, 2017)

December 5th, 2017

German actor and director Ulli Lommel has died just shy of his 73rd birthday due to heart failure. Lommel began his career as part of the New German Cinema wave, directing a film based on real-life serial killer, Tenderness of the Wolves, before moving to New York where he met up with Andy Warhol and became an active collaborator in The Factory. Since then Lommel gravitated toward more popular genre fare, always lending a unique style to B-horror movies and psychological studies of killers. His better known films are such cult items as The Boogey Man, Boogeyman 2, and The Devonsville Terror. In his later years Lommel turned to making low budget shot on video films for the non-theatrical markets.

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