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Kim Ki-Duk Dies of COVID-19 complication at age 59

December 13th, 2020

COVID-19 claims another high profile victim with the death at age 59 of South Korea’s enfant terrible, Kim Ki-Duk. Another reminder that this virus is not only a danger for the old and sick. Kim Ki-Duk was still in the prime of his career. Kim Ki-Duk burst on the scene in 1996 but made his international mark with the formally and thematically bold The Isle in 2000. Many festival hits followed which marked him as a director not averse to controversial subjects (usually relating to sexuality, gender or religion. R.I.P. Kim Ki-Duk, taken far too early.

Jade Tsui-yu Lee: The critically-acclaimed Korean director Kim Ki-duk 2018 film Human, Space, Time and Human raises a fundamental and philosophical question: what is the meaning of human life at the end of the world?

Human, Space, Time and Human —Apocalypse and Life’s (im)possibilityOffscreen

Daniel Garrett: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring, by Korean director Kim Ki-Duk, is a lovely, moving, and wise film, possibly one of the best films I have ever seen. The first time I saw it, I felt serene; and the second time I was thrilled—more than thrilled, I was happy. It is a film that allows us to see beauty—form that appeals to the senses, form that satisfies the mind’s hope for perfection, form that gratifies the spirit—and it allows us to witness spiritual presence.

Everything Must Change: the films Father and Son (Alexander Sokurov) and Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring (Kim Ki-Duk)Offscreen

Kim K-Duk: The reason that in my movies there are people who do not talk is because something deeply wounded them. They had their trust in other human beings destroyed because of promises that were not kept. They were told things like “I love you”, and the person who said it did not really mean it. Because of these disappointments they lost their faith and trust and stopped talking altogether.

Interview with Kim Ki-DukSenses of Cinema

Max Kyburz: Kim Ki-duk is a director infatuated, if not obsessed, with the dynamics of human relationships under extreme circumstances. Their boundaries, dimensions, progressions, and compromises (or lack thereof) compose the many fragmented wholes in his work.

Review: Pieta (

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