Publishers, Labels, and Retailers

  • British Film Institute

    Excellent and in-depth site from the venerable British Film Institute. Highlights include the series “BFI Archive Interactive” which includes excellent interactive studies on British cinema. A recent one was Paul Merton on Early British Comedy.

  • Cult Epics

    Independent DVD label which specializes in esoteric arthouse, erotica, and horror cinema. Their releases are always a labor of love with care, commitment, and excellent supplementary material.

  • Fab Press

    UK publishing house run and operated by the indefatigable Harvey Fenton. Genre material done with passion, style, and intelligence.

  • Fangoria

    Website that both promotes and adds material to the long running horror magazine.

  • Filmmaker Magazine

    Online organ for the magazine dedicated to independent cinema. Includes additonal material not featured in the print version.

  • Index DVD

    Independent video distribution label which strongly promotes Austrian (mainly) and East European political and avant-garde artists. Their DVDs are beautiful works of art in themselves, with stylish see-through covers, copious (bilingual) liner notes and artist bios.

  • The Criterion Collection

    Home of the DVD company committed to the promotion of International cinema. The name has become synonymous with quality, and the yardstick by which other DVD transfers are measured.