By Way of Montreal

  • Cinémathèque Québécoise

    Montreal’s venerable cinema treasure which houses major retrospectives and selections from its own vast archive collection. Also includes an invaluable library of film books, periodicals, newspaper clippings, posters, etc., which is a mine of information for scholars and students.

  • Cinema du Parc

    An important Montreal venue for alternative and independent cinemas. Not afraid to mix the popular with the esoteric.

  • Cineroute

    A gateway into the National Film Board of Canada’s vast film collection.

  • Infliction Film

    Website where you can get information on films made or produced by Mitch Davis, who also programs for Fantasia, and the Cinema du Parc theatre. Great links page.

  • Montreal Serai

    A politically engaged cultural magazine that has a growing online presence (over 2000 subscribers). Montreal Serai rightly prides itself on the ethnic and cultural diversity of its writers and subjects. The webzine covers all the arts, both big and small (from cinema to poetry) with equal dedication.

  • Short Ends

    A small Montreal-based socially committed film collective that encourages personal writing on films that are off the mainstream path.