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Gender, Death, and FNC 2021

Volume 26, Issue 7-8 / July–August 2022

This double issue has several themes, including that of death (too broad I know to be of any real clarity), issues of gender in Hollywood, with two essays on Alex Garland’s controversial Men, death (in the adventure genre, The Martian and All is Lost, in The Promise, and in Vortex), two reports on Montreal’s Festival of New Cinema 2021 edition, and the remote Greek island film festival, Beyond Borders, by Pablo García Conde.

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Offscreen Notes


    December 5th

    CALL FOR PAPERS 2023 Conference at New York University: Friday, May 26 th – Sunday, May 28th The annual Music and the Moving Image Conference invites abstracts for paper presentations that explore the relationship between the vast universe of moving… Read more →

  • Jeff Barnaby Dies at age 46 on October 13, 2022

    October 14th

    I am absolutely floored by the news that Jeff Barnaby has died at the age of 46, from a year-long battle with cancer. Just last week I mentioned to my classes that Jeff Barnaby was coming to Concordia University (to… Read more →

  • Jean-Luc Godard (1930-2022)

    September 19th

    The filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard (1930 – 2022) was a great and inventive artist, a man with a curious intellect and an impudent spirit, someone whose creativity sparked that of others. His films— from Breathless (1960), Contempt (1983), Band of Outsiders… Read more →

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