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PhD candidate Morissette follows up last month's interview with another brief chat with the late, great Phil Serling.


In wake of the untimely death of its founder Phil Serling, Offscreen looks at the first post-Serling Cinefest.


With the sudden passing away of its founder Phil Serling, Offscreen looks back fondly at the unique film festival known as Cinefest.


An interview with film legend William K. Everson.


An interview with long time Cinefester and film historian Leonard Maltin.


Professor Peter Rist, former student and long time friend of historian, archivist, scholar, and film collector William K. Everson, reminisces.


An interview with Cinefest founder Phil Serling.


In a John Ford film, death is inevitably followed by birth in order to propel the reaffirming, regenerating life-cycle; likewise, the same week that saw the death of two cinema icons, Jimmy Stewart and Robert Mitchum, sees the flagship issue of Offscreen.

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