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Keyword : Spanish Cinema


Review of a new Italian book on the Spanish Euro-horror auteur Jesus Franco.


An analysis of the treatment of religion and Catholicism in Luis Buñuel's El and Nazarin.


Review of the recent Spanish entry into the burgeoning 'reality horror' subgenre, [Rec].


An overview analysis of Spain's enfant terrible, unique auteruist Agustin Villaronga, director of In A Glass Cage, 99.9, and others.


An in-depth review essay of the notorious horror film In a Glass Cage, released on DVD by Cult Epics.


A long overdue look at Zulueta's lost cult classic, Arrebato.


One of the most influential and important horror magazines, Fangoria horror magazine, selects Spanish director Nacho Cerda as one of the 13 rising Horror stars to keep on eye on.


The affable, soft-spoken Nacho Cerda is perhaps not what you'd expect from the director of one of Fant-Asia's most notorious films, Aftermath. But perhaps after reading this interview with Cerda you may feel that there is certainly more than meets the ...


Both the Canadian Kissed and Spanish Aftermath deal with the taboo subject of necrophilia. However, the respective filmmakers Lynne Stopkewich and Nacho Cerdà are as far apart in approach as there native countries are geographically.

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