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Keyword : Short Film


A thoughtful overview of the 13th rendition of the Bradford International Film Festival, which ran from March 9-24, 2007.


In-depth review of the Fantasia International Film Festival's first DVD release, a compilation of outstanding shorts shown at the festival over the past several years.


In-depth review of the three short film DVDs from Cinema 16, with volumes dedicated to British, American and European cinema. Includes early short films by Ridley Scott, Asif Kapadia, Lynne Ramsey, Christopher Nolan, DA Pennebaker, Tim Burton, Todd Solondz, Jean-Luc Godard, Tom Tykwer, and Lars von Trier.


An in-depth analysis of David Lynch's animated series Dumbland that convincingly argues for its likeness to Dadiast art and Absurdist drama.


An historical contextualisation of Santiago Álvarez' bold political/experimental short films.


An overview of Richard Kerr's multimedia installation, Industrie/Industry.


A report on the 2006 edition of the Festival of New Cinema in Montreal, with a preamble on the etiquette of big theatre experience in the era of the multiplex experience.


A report on Fantasia Film Festival 2006, discussing issues related to form-content, style for style's sake, and short films featuring man eating cats.


Masterclass! short film workshops with UK writer/director/actor/educator Simon van der Borgh and US short film guru Kim Adelman.


An interview with Georgian short film expert, diirector Mikhäil Kobakhidzé.


While lamenting the FCMM's decision to eliminate live performances (at least for this year), Randolph Jordan points to the short film as the one area where the FCMM continues its cutting edge, innovative programming.


In “Asian potpourri”, the adventurous reader will find a series of loosely connected reviews of films from Iran (from this past year's Festival of International Cinema and New Media) and Central Asia.

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