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Keyword : Modernism



The sensuality of this rare, painterly-like Parguayan feature film is discussed by writer Donato Totaro.


A personal account of encountering the 'difficult' works of Alain Robbe-Grillet, and then the man himself.


An analysis arguing for Le Mepris as one of Godard’s most ‘emotionally’ engaged works.


Robert Robertson continues his research into previously untapped intellectual/philosophical strains in the work (film and theory) of Sergei Eisenstein, looking at parallels to the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.


Najmeh Khalili returns with a theoretical speculation on new digital media which looks for answers by looking into the cinematic past.


By Brett Kashmere and Astria Suparak following the Stan Brakhage Benefit Concert featuring Sonic Youth, Anthology Film Archives, NYC April 12, 2003.

The Limey  

Steven Soderbergh balances arthouse modernism with conventions of the classical genre to produce nouveau gangster chic.


An in-depth analysis of an overlooked silent film classic by Russian emigré Dimitri Kirsanov.


Part two of David Neo's subtle analysis of Fractal memory images in Sokoruv's Mother and Son.


Gilles Deleuze Meets the Mandelbrot set in this theoretical exploration of the memory images in Sokoruv's modern day Kammerspiel classic Mother and Son.


Red Desert is the final film of Antonioni's Alienation Tetralogy, and one of the best films to depict the complex notion of neurosis and social illness.

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