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Keyword : Mockumentary


An essay discussing the 'biochemistry' inherent in the filmic medium, and how directors Peter Greenaway and Bill Morrison have incorporated notions of death and rebirth in their films.


A look at how two recent documentaries on the slasher/stalker film signals a paradigm shift in the horror genre.


A cultural analysis of the Canadian comic phenomena of the Trailer Park Boys.


An analysis of Werner Herzog's mockumentary Incident at Loch Ness


The subject of Cane Toads is so bizarre, and the reaction of the people interviewed so emotionally polarized, that it feels like a mockumentary. On the broad scope of things, Cane Toads tells the cautionary tale of what can happen when nature is tampered with.


A relatively new breed of film comedy hybrid has emerged in the past 20 or so years, the 'mockumentary.'

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