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Keyword : Jean Luc Godard


A close analysis of Godard's mise-en-scene in Le Le Mépris, focusing on the film's multifaceted themes.


An analysis arguing for Le Mepris as one of Godard’s most ‘emotionally’ engaged works.


Each of us is human and has value, but we are not equally valuable—our resources (knowledge, skills, talents, and monies), and relationships to others, determine the extent of our value. Sometimes we feel inferior because we are. The work of people such as Plato and Shakespeare is not important because they are Greek or English but because of how they illuminate the human condition, an illumination not limited by language, national borders, or time.


A review of Jean-Luc Godard's Forever Mozart.


A look back at a New Wave classic re-released in a spanking new 35mm print.


An analysis of the year that was. An improvement over 2000, according to Rist.


May 1998 marks the 30th anniversary of the student riots and subsequent strikes that took hold of France from mid-May to June 5, 1968. The disturbances and events that led to the uprising are well chronicled.

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