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Keyword : German Cinema


Authors Hans-Bernhard Moeller and George Lellis contextualise the German film Ulzhan as a Western which riffs on the classic American genre but within a contemporary multinational, geo-political landscape.


Fassbinder gets an exhaustive treatment in the recent book by Christian Braad Thomsen, and a likewise turn here by Louis Goyette.


An in-depth review essay of three First Run Feature DVDs that deal with the Nazi, two documentaries, Architecture of Doom and The Eye of Vichy, and the fictional The Murderers Are Among Us.


An interview with German director Werner Herzog.


The cinematic image of Baron von Munchausen examined.


Early cinema and the representation of Baron von Munchausen.


The Road Movie meets pure movement in the form of Henri Bergson. Part 1.


The Road Movie meets pure movement in the form of Henri Bergson. Part 2.


For its annual benefit screening, La Cinémathèque Québécoise offered a restored 35-mm print of Paul Leni's searing expressionistic historical drama, The Man Who Laughs.


Germany has a rich tradition of serial killer films, going back to Fritz Lang's classic M (1931), but not much will prepare you for serial killer condoms!

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