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Keyword : Dario Argento


A speculative analysis on some of the reasons behind Dario Argento's post-career decline.


Argento attempts the impossible: following in the footsteps of his own masterful supernatural diptych. Many have attacked Argento for failing to live up to his exacting standards, but Totaro argues that the film should be looked at within today's changed horror landscape.


A psychoanalytical defense of Dario Argento against claims of misogyny.


Dario Argento lives up to his often noted and inappropriate monicker, The Italian Hitchcock.


The inimitable Richard Stanley's films thus far include the cyper-punk cult science-fiction film Hardware (1990), the poetic experimental documentary on the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, Voices of the Moon (1991) and the oneiric horror film...


With a healthy majority of Fant-Asia's International section devoted to Italian horror I thought it would be appropriate to get things rolling with some thoughts on Italian style horror.

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