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20 Years and Counting

Volume 21 Issue 7 / July 2017

An issue of anniversaries, including the 20th year that Offscreen has been publishing, the one year death of Abbas Kiarostami, and the one year anniversary of Fantasia (OK I know am stretching the justification factor here, but there are two films that impressed in 2016 but that could not make it into the 2016 Fantasia coverage which was a focus on 20 years of Takashi Miike at Fantasia, so stand-alone reviews of films that just happened to have played at Fantasia.

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Offscreen Notes

  • Jerry Lewis RIP: 1926-August 20, 2017

    August 22nd

    One of America’s greatest comedians died on August 20, 2017 at the age of 91, leaving behind a lasting legacy as an old school comedian who redefined himself to become a modernist directing and writing and starring in a series… Read more →

  • Sam Shepard RIP: 1943-July 27, 2017

    August 2nd

    Always youthful looking, playwright, writer, novelist, actor and director, Sam Shepard died on July 27, 2017 at the age of 73, a few days of the world of film lost Jeanne Moreau. Read more →

  • Jeanne Moreau: 1928-2017

    August 2nd

    Beauty meets charisma meets talent, personified, Jeanne Moreau passes away at the age of 89. An actress who made her mark with the French New Wave acting in some of its most seminal films and went on to work… Read more →

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